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  • mexican food Frijoles Puercos
    Dec 07 2016


    Sinaloa is famous for its wonderful seafood specialties, but I vividly remember the devastatingly rich, unctuous, pork-laden frijoles puercos (literally, “pork beans”) that were served like clockwork at every meal, as if to balance out all that healthy fish. Dark brown and very smooth, frijoles puercos are beans mashed with soft Chihuahua cheese, pork, and […]

    Nov 28 2016


    The easiest slow cooker pork carnitas recipe that is full of flavor and cooks all day to tender and juicy perfection! A Mexican Food recipe that you will make again and again! Much of the rich flavor comes from the fat that renders into the cooking broth, but this is easily removed after chilling. Always […]

  • mexican food CARNE PIBIL
    Nov 18 2016

    CARNE PIBIL : Pork In Banana Leaves With Achiote

    The vibrant red color and distinctive flavor of this recipe come from the achiote recado, a spice paste made with annatto, the seed of a tree native to Central America. Long, slow cooking in banana leaves brings a taste of tropical Mexico to your slow cooker while replicating the traditional pit-cooking method that gives the […]

  • mexican food recipe Green Chile Salsa
    Nov 18 2016

    CHILE VERDE : Pork In Green Chile Salsa

    Salsa chile verde takes its name from three types of green chiles, which are combined with green tomatillos to make an olive-green sauce with a gently tart and spicy edge. Never overpowering, it’s a perfect match for the richness of the pork. You can control the level of heat by adding more jalapeños, substituting spicier […]

  • mexican food Tomatillo Salsa
    Nov 17 2016

    COSTILLOS: Pork Ribs in Chipotle Tomatillo Salsa

    This easy Mexican food recipe consists of succulent braised ribs in a light sauce that has just the right kick of smokiness and heat. Costillos are pork rib tips, only a couple of inches long, with plenty of juicy meat. They are similar to country-style ribs, which may be substituted. The same salsa is terrific cooked […]

  • mexican food recipes
    Nov 17 2016

    ASADO DE BODAS : Wedding Stew With Pork

    Asado de bodas is definitely something special, as befits a wedding feast. Recipes with this name vary from north to south and east to west. Some use only ancho chiles, while others are made with beef instead of pork, but all incorporate that touch of sweet and sour, cloves, and cinnamon, along with just a […]

  • pozole rojo authentic mexican recipes
    Oct 22 2016

    POZOLE ROJO : Jalisco-Style Red Pozole With Pork

    A good pozole is primarily about the nixtamal (hominy), which blossoms while it cooks with the pork and chiles and adds wonderful flavor to the broth. Like almost everything made with corn, pozole has ancient roots in Mexico and many regional variations. This version, made with mild dried red chiles, is a favorite at fiestas and family gatherings. Serve […]