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  • mexican food Frijoles Puercos
    Dec 07 2016


    Sinaloa is famous for its wonderful seafood specialties, but I vividly remember the devastatingly rich, unctuous, pork-laden frijoles puercos (literally, “pork beans”) that were served like clockwork at every meal, as if to balance out all that healthy fish. Dark brown and very smooth, frijoles puercos are beans mashed with soft Chihuahua cheese, pork, and […]

  • mexican recipes BLACK BEANS
    Dec 07 2016

    REFRIED BROWN OR BLACK BEANS : Frijoles Refritos

    Refried beans are usually mashed with plenty of fat, which makes them creamy and filling but a bit too rich for most people’s taste. This lightened-up version uses a little fresh lard for flavor and plenty of the cooking liquid to make a smooth and delicious side dish. (If you want something richer, try the […]

  • mexican food recipes Frijoles de Olla
    Dec 07 2016

    SLOW COOKER PINTO BEANS : Frijoles de Olla

    Along with tortillas, humble frijoles are a staple at almost every Mexican Food. That’s not to say they are boring or predictable. There are many savory and satisfying ways of cooking beans, but I am perfectly happy with nothing more than some good pinto beans served with warm tortillas, some kind of fresh salsa, and […]

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