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  • mexican food recipess SHREDDED CHICKEN
    Nov 28 2016


    Enough for 12 tacos or enchiladas, 6 burritos, 24 quesadillas, or 24 tamales This basic chicken recipe is used in Mexican Food like Tacos de Pollo, Enchiladas Suizas, and Burrito Ahogado, among other dishes. To ensure a fresh-tasting dish, don’t overcook the chicken. INGREDIENTS 3 bone-in chicken breasts or 2 pounds boneless chicken meat (breasts, […]

  • mexican recipes Caldo de Pollo
    Nov 24 2016


    Using the slow cooker to make broth is much easier than fussing over a stockpot, and it yields perfect broths that are clear and delicious. You can use this simple broth, with its light flavor and golden color, to enrich a multitude of simple soups and rice dishes. Since the broth freezes beautifully, always keep […]

  • mexican food recipes MANCHAMANTELES
    Nov 16 2016

    MOLE MANCHAMANTELES : Red Mole With Chicken And Fried Plantains

    In this simple mole, deep-flavored ancho chiles balance the sweetness of the fresh fruit that forms the base of the sauce. The name means “tablecloth stainer,” a tribute to both the gluttonous abandon induced by this luscious sauce and its deep red color. The recipe calls for chicken, but you can cook the sauce without […]

  • POLLO EN SALSA authentic mexican food
    Nov 15 2016

    POLLO EN SALSA: Chicken In Tomato Jalapeno Salsa

    This dish is traditionally made with a whole chicken, which is cut into pieces and cooked slowly until tender. This results in a wonderful flavor, of course, but you can substitute boneless chicken if you prefer, which will also shorten the cooking time. The chicken finishes by simmering in a fresh tomato sauce, made medium-spicy […]

  • Chipotle Cream authentic mexican food
    Nov 15 2016

    POLLO EN CREMA CON CHIPOTLES: Chicken And Pepppers In Chipotle Cream

    Instead of bone-in chicken breasts you can use boneless chicken pieces, if you like, in which case the cooking time will be shorter by as much as an hour. Don’t be afraid of using both jalapeños and chipotles; the sauce, tempered by the cream, is only moderately spicy, and the jalapeños give a wonderful green […]

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