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Black Beans

  • authentic mexican food black beans re chiles ayocotes
    Dec 17 2016


    Large black beans with a purplish cast, ayocotes are the traditional bean to serve with tamales and rice dishes. This recipe was the star of a wonderful breakfast I had at an eighteenthcentury saltworks in San Luis Potosí, along with hand-patted gorditas stuffed with chorizo and chicharrón, eggs cooked with copales, heaps of pan dulce, […]

  • mexican recipes BLACK BEANS
    Dec 07 2016

    REFRIED BROWN OR BLACK BEANS : Frijoles Refritos

    Refried beans are usually mashed with plenty of fat, which makes them creamy and filling but a bit too rich for most people’s taste. This lightened-up version uses a little fresh lard for flavor and plenty of the cooking liquid to make a smooth and delicious side dish. (If you want something richer, try the […]

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