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  • mexican foodCALDO DE CAMARONES
    Oct 28 2016

    CALDO DE CAMARONES : Shrimp Soup With Vergetables

    Consommé de Camarón forms the base for this quick shrimp soup. If you prefer, the soup can be made with pieces of fish, calamari, clams, mussels, or crab. Or slowly simmer a thick fillet of firm fish such as sea bass in the broth. Instead of the potatoes, you can use brown fideos (see Sopa […]

  • CONSOMME DE CAMARON mexican food
    Oct 27 2016

    CONSOMME DE CAMARON : Sinaloan Dried Shrimp Broth

    In seafood restaurants along the Pacific coast, little cups of hot soup are often served as a free appetizer along with packaged corn tostadas and an array of bottled hot sauces. The rich flavor of this potent broth comes from dried shrimp and plenty of chiles. If diluted, this broth forms an excellent base for […]

  • mexican food recipes SOPA DE QUESO
    Oct 27 2016

    SOPA DE QUESO : Cheese Soup With Green Chile And Potato

    Thanks to waves of European immigrants who arrived in the early twentieth century, the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua produces remarkable cheeses. Most are made for export to other parts of the country, but small local dairies still craft young cheeses from raw cows’ milk that are never refrigerated. The creamy flavor and melting texture […]

  • authentic mexican recipes chileatole
    Oct 26 2016

    CHILEATOLE : Geen Chile Soup With Corn

    Healthful and sustaining atoles, soups and drinks made from corn, are an ancient Mexican tradition. I once had this bright green soup at the Xochimilco market south of Mexico City, where it was paired with a warm cake of fresh ground corn toasted on an earthenware comal; it was like tasting Mexico as it was […]

  • calabaza authentic mexican recipes
    Oct 26 2016

    SOPA DE ELOTE Y CALABAZA : Fresh Corn And Zucchini Soup

    This easy soup tastes of the very essence of corn. Try to find sweet yellow corn at your market. It contains more starch than white corn, which naturally thickens the soup, and the long simmering in the slow cooker brings out the corn’s natural sweetness. Simmering the scraped cobs with the soup gives it even […]

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