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  • CONSOMME DE CAMARON mexican food
    Oct 27 2016

    CONSOMME DE CAMARON : Sinaloan Dried Shrimp Broth

    In seafood restaurants along the Pacific coast, little cups of hot soup are often served as a free appetizer along with packaged corn tostadas and an array of bottled hot sauces. The rich flavor of this potent broth comes from dried shrimp and plenty of chiles. If diluted, this broth forms an excellent base for […]

  • authentic mexican food seafood paella recipes american cooking
    Oct 17 2016


    You’ll want to make a trip to your local fish market to get the many fresh ingredients for this classic paella. Rock lobster is also known as crayfish or crawfish . Serves 8 INGREDIENTS 1 small rock lobster tail 24 fresh clams in shells 11⁄2 pounds medium-sized shrimp 1 pound scallops 1 pound fresh crabmeat 1 […]

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