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  • ARROZ CON COCO : Coconut rice pudding
    Jan 02 2017

    ARROZ CON COCO : Coconut rice pudding

    Coconut lovers will adore this lush rice pudding flavored with both coconut milk and thick, sweet cream of coconut. Serve small portions of the pudding accompanied by crunchy toasted coconut, fresh berries, or pineapple, or top it with whipped cream, toasted almonds, and crushed chocolate. For avariation, omit the other garnishes and grate a tiny […]

  • Mexican Arroz Con Leche : Rice pudding with cinnamon
    Jan 02 2017

    ARROZ CON LECHE : Rice pudding with cinnamon

    This rich, creamy rice pudding is gently flavored by a small piece of true Saigon cinnamon bark, which is milder and sweeter than the cassia cinnamon used north of the border. Cinnamon figures prominently in both sweet and savory Mexican cooking. Every marketplace sells big bundles of rolled cinnamon bark quills, which are steeped in […]

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