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authentic mexican food

  • sausage authentic mexican recipes
    Oct 23 2016


    Pimientos are also known as cherry peppers and are sweet variety make up the red insides of Spanish green olives. Serves 6 INGREDIENTS 1 medium-sized white onion 1 garlic clove 2 cups canned garbanzo beans 1⁄2 cup canned pimientos 1⁄2 pound pork sausage 1 teaspoon chili powder 1⁄2 teaspoon salt 1⁄4 teaspoon dried oregano 1⁄2 teaspoon […]

  • beer authentic mexican recipes
    Oct 23 2016


    The alcohol from the beer burns off quickly when cooked, but imparts a rich, hoppy flavor to this tasty bean side dish. Serve with a hunk of barbecued meat and another fresh beer! Serves 6 INGREDIENTS 2 cups dry pinto beans 2 cups dark Mexican beer 2 pieces bacon 1 medium onion 3 garlic cloves 2 […]

  • pozole mexican food recipes
    Oct 22 2016

    POZOLE VERDE : Green Pozole With Chicken

    This Mexican Food, the sumptuous pale-green pozole is thickened with a classic and thoroughly authentic salsa of green tomatillos and ground pumpkin seeds, spicy with green chiles and bursting with the fresh flavor of cilantro. Frying the salsa before adding it to the soup brings out its remarkable flavor. Garnishes of crunchy chicharrón (fried pork skin) and creamy avocado […]

  • authentic mexican recipes chili pork delicious cooking food
    Oct 22 2016


    If you’re looking for a slightly less expensive cut of meat, you could substitute ground pork, but the pork loin gives the dish a toothsome texture that would be a shame to lose. Serves 4 INGREDIENTS 11⁄2 cups dry white rice 1-pound pork loin 1 medium-sized yellow onion 2 cups canned pinto beans 2 tablespoons […]

  • mexican food recipes menudo tripe soup american food
    Oct 21 2016

    MENUDO : Tripe Soup

    Menudo is considered a surefire cure for just about anything from a hangover to a broken heart. It’s true: the world does look sunnier over a huge bowl of steaming menudo with all the garnishes and a cold beer. Menudo is a Mexican Food with a unique flavor and rich, gelatinous broth. You may use either honeycomb […]

  • authentic mexican food puchero beef soup corn american recipes
    Oct 21 2016

    PUCHERO DE RES : Beef Soup With Corn And Potatoes

    Hearty puchero de res is a classic home-style soup that is served in every tiny lonchería (a snack bar usually run by a one woman who cooks and serves) and fonda (an inexpensive home-style restaurant) in Mexico. It always includes generous chunks of beef and corn, plus potato or yam and the cook’s choice of seasonal vegetables. It’s […]

  • mexican food recipes bean stuffed peppers mexican american food
    Oct 21 2016


    Simple, easy, and delicious Mexican Food, this makes a great side dish for a milder chicken or fish dish and yellow rice. Serves 4   INGREDIENTS 8 fresh, large jalapeño peppers 2–3 cups refried beans 1⁄4 cup shredded mild Cheddar cheese 1 tablespoon olive oil DIRECTIONS 1. Preheat oven to 300°F. 2. Remove the stems […]

  • authentic mexican recipes calabacitas food american
    Oct 21 2016


    To make this vegan Mexican Food and this dish already-healthy , just omit the cheddar cheese. The garden fresh flavors lend so much that you won’t even miss i! Serves 4 INGREDIENTS 3 small zucchini 1 large red tomato 2 fresh jalapeño peppers 1 garlic clove 1⁄2 pound mild Cheddar cheese 2 cups fresh or […]

  • mexican food sopa azteca chicken soup recipes tortillas avocado
    Oct 20 2016

    SOPA AZTECA : Chicken Soup With Tortillas And Avocado

    There are as many recipes for this soup as there are Mexican Food. One of the simplest versions consists only of a bit of sautéed tomato and water poured over lightly fried corn tortillas. This flavorful version gets its zip from tomatillos, dried chiles, and fresh herbs. SERVES 4 to 6 INGREDIENTS 2 guajillo chiles, stemmed and seeded […]

  • top amazing sopa de frijol mexican recipes beef soup mayocoba beans
    Oct 20 2016

    SOPA DE FRIJOL : Spicy Beef Soup With Mayocoba Beans

    Northern Mexican Food make an art of simple cowboy cooking with this substantial Soup with a picante kick—just the thing for a cold night. The yellow-green mayocoba beans (also known as peruviana) cook with the beef, absorbing the rich chipotle-infused broth until they are pale and creamy-soft. Any pink, red, or brown bean, such as pinto, bayo, or flor de […]