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  • mexican food recipes MANCHAMANTELES
    Nov 16 2016

    MOLE MANCHAMANTELES : Red Mole With Chicken And Fried Plantains

    In this simple mole, deep-flavored ancho chiles balance the sweetness of the fresh fruit that forms the base of the sauce. The name means “tablecloth stainer,” a tribute to both the gluttonous abandon induced by this luscious sauce and its deep red color. The recipe calls for chicken, but you can cook the sauce without […]

  • Black mole authentic mexican food
    Nov 16 2016

    MOLE NEGRO: Black mole

    Rich, thick, velvety smooth, and deeply colored, mole negro is the queen of moles. Making it can be a big production, too, a seemingly endless series of toasting, blackening, grinding, and frying to produce that mystically deep, almost black color. This slow cooker version is just as delicious and much easier. The tiny touch of […]

  • MOLE mexican food recipes
    Nov 14 2016


    MAKES 600ML You’ll need: 100g dried mulato chillies 25g dried pasilla chillies 10g raw cashew nuts 10g blanched almonds 10g shelled hazelnuts 10g shelled walnuts 10g raw peanuts 10g sesame seeds 10g pumpkin seeds 1 onion, roughly chopped 10g dried apricots, roughly chopped a pinch of ground cinnamon a pinch of ground allspice 200ml groundnut […]

  • mexican food recipesbolitas
    Oct 24 2016

    MOLE DE OLLA CON BOLITAS : Beef Soup With Chile, Vegetables, And Dumplings

    This mole is not a thick sauce but a classic Mexican soup, aromatic with dried chiles and epazote and loaded with chunks of meat and vegetables. A proper mole de olla alwaysincludes pieces of fresh corn and ejotes (green beans). This version also includes delicious little masa dumplings called bolitas. SERVES 4 to 6 INGREDIENTS 4 […]

  • Mexican Arroz Con Leche : Rice pudding with cinnamon
    Jan 02 2017

    ARROZ CON LECHE : Rice pudding with cinnamon

    This rich, creamy rice pudding is gently flavored by a small piece of true Saigon cinnamon bark, which is milder and sweeter than the cassia cinnamon used north of the border. Cinnamon figures prominently in both sweet and savory Mexican cooking. Every marketplace sells big bundles of rolled cinnamon bark quills, which are steeped in […]

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