mexican food recipes facts food will surprise american food
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mexican food recipes facts food will surprise american food

One type of cuisine that is gaining popularity is Mexican food, and it’s no question why.  It’s delicious, affordable and can be very healthy as well. In fact, authentic Mexican food is very different from all the Mexican-inspired food that you normally get in any place that is not Mexico. To give you an idea, take a look at this list of surprising facts about Mexican food.

1- Mexican food is a rainbow

Every single Mexican dish is a mix of Native American and European ingredients and flavors with hints of African and Middle Eastern influence. This makes for an explosion of flavors that is truly surprising. It definitely takes a lot more than chili powder and cheese to cook like a Mexican.

2- Mexican food has a lot of vegetables in it

The main ingredients of Mexican cuisine are not cheese and meat, but vegetables. Ancient Mexican dishes were mostly veggie-based, and that has not changed too much. Many typical dishes require corn, chili peppers or beans, and there’s also a whole parade of widely used vegetables that you probably have never heard of, such as quelites (lamb’s quarters), quintoniles (amaranth greens), huauzontles,romeritos, chayotes, cactus, and verdolagas (purslante), just to name a few. Most of these are wild greens, and they are eaten cooked in spicy soups and stews.

3- Mexican food is actually quite healthy

It is what many consider to be the perfect blend of all food groups, being filled with healthy nutrients and are also low in fat and caloric content. The authentic Mexican food is low in fat, while being high in minerals and vitamins.

4- Mexican food differs from region to region

Every region in Mexico has their official brand of food. In the Northern area, meat dishes are quite popular, whereas chicken and vegetables are predominant in the Southern area of Mexico. The ingredients depend upon the geography and climate of that area.

5-  Mexican cuisine represents an entire culture

Food is extremely important in Mexico. People and families define themselves by the dishes they make and eat, and everybody has a traditional food they love. Food is present in movies, books, and songs.

6- Mexican food evolved with the Spanish colonies

They brought new cooking methods, ideas and ingredients to the traditional Mexican food, which have then been incorporated by the previous and current generations of Mexicans. However, one popular ingredient among many of these dishes is Chili: one of the most important ingredients of the food from Mexico since ages. It is still very popular.



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