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  • ARROZ CON COCO : Coconut rice pudding
    Jan 02 2017

    ARROZ CON COCO : Coconut rice pudding

    Coconut lovers will adore this lush rice pudding flavored with both coconut milk and thick, sweet cream of coconut. Serve small portions of the pudding accompanied by crunchy toasted coconut, fresh berries, or pineapple, or top it with whipped cream, toasted almonds, and crushed chocolate. For avariation, omit the other garnishes and grate a tiny […]

  • Mexican Arroz Con Leche : Rice pudding with cinnamon
    Jan 02 2017

    ARROZ CON LECHE : Rice pudding with cinnamon

    This rich, creamy rice pudding is gently flavored by a small piece of true Saigon cinnamon bark, which is milder and sweeter than the cassia cinnamon used north of the border. Cinnamon figures prominently in both sweet and savory Mexican cooking. Every marketplace sells big bundles of rolled cinnamon bark quills, which are steeped in […]

  • Jan 02 2017

    CHILES EN ESCABECHE : Tequila-Pickled jalapenos and vegetables

    This bright, crunchy combination of fresh vegetables and chiles en escabeche (which means pickled with spices and vinegar) will find a place on your table every day. The pickled jalapeños and vegetables add zest to tortas, burritos, tacos, salads, beans, and soup. Or just munch away on the chiles and vegetables between bites: they are […]

  • authentic recipes elotes simmered fresh epazote american food
    Dec 19 2016

    ELOTES : Simmered fresh corn with epazote, chiles, butter, and lime

    Mexican farmers cultivate more than three hundred distinct varieties of corn, so it’s no surprise that corn forms an integral part of the everyday Mexican diet. Fresh corn is a popular street treat, served from pushcarts that are often just cauldrons of boiling water on wheels. The earthy-sweet flavor of the corn shines through the […]

  • authentic slow cooker bread pan elote mexican food american
    Dec 19 2016


    Lightly sweetened with piloncillo sugar, corn bread is a favorite festival food in northern Mexico, where the batter is cooked in small cast-iron pans that are greased with plenty of sweet butter. Serve with more butter and a sprinkle of crushed piloncillo for a sweet treat, or offer it as a side dish to help […]

  • mexican food beans beef chipotles epazote frijole american food cooking
    Dec 17 2016


    The charro (cowboy) lifestyle is alive and well in the beautiful mountains of northern Mexico. Here cooking often revolves around a big pot and a wood-fired cook box, where frijoles cook slowly overnight while the herd dozes under the stars. Frijoles charros always start with big handfuls of chipotles and epazote, and then, to paraphrase […]

  • authentic mexican food black beans re chiles ayocotes
    Dec 17 2016


    Large black beans with a purplish cast, ayocotes are the traditional bean to serve with tamales and rice dishes. This recipe was the star of a wonderful breakfast I had at an eighteenthcentury saltworks in San Luis Potosí, along with hand-patted gorditas stuffed with chorizo and chicharrón, eggs cooked with copales, heaps of pan dulce, […]

  • mexican food Frijoles Puercos
    Dec 07 2016


    Sinaloa is famous for its wonderful seafood specialties, but I vividly remember the devastatingly rich, unctuous, pork-laden frijoles puercos (literally, “pork beans”) that were served like clockwork at every meal, as if to balance out all that healthy fish. Dark brown and very smooth, frijoles puercos are beans mashed with soft Chihuahua cheese, pork, and […]

  • mexican recipes BLACK BEANS
    Dec 07 2016

    REFRIED BROWN OR BLACK BEANS : Frijoles Refritos

    Refried beans are usually mashed with plenty of fat, which makes them creamy and filling but a bit too rich for most people’s taste. This lightened-up version uses a little fresh lard for flavor and plenty of the cooking liquid to make a smooth and delicious side dish. (If you want something richer, try the […]

  • mexican food recipes Frijoles de Olla
    Dec 07 2016

    SLOW COOKER PINTO BEANS : Frijoles de Olla

    Along with tortillas, humble frijoles are a staple at almost every Mexican Food. That’s not to say they are boring or predictable. There are many savory and satisfying ways of cooking beans, but I am perfectly happy with nothing more than some good pinto beans served with warm tortillas, some kind of fresh salsa, and […]